How do I check I’ve got the latest version of Edge?

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Browse safely: check you've got the latest Edge update

We’re constantly told by tech experts to make sure key software such as web browsers are updated to the latest version. But how do you check if you’ve got the latest version of Edge? Here we’ll show you how to keep the Microsoft browser fully up to date.

How to get the latest version of Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default browser for Windows, but since it’s based on Chromium (the technology behind most modern browsers), the update cycle can wrap itself around a lamppost.

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To check if you’ve got the latest version, open Microsoft Edge and click the ‘three dot’ menu option at the top right. When the menu opens, click Help and feedback then About Microsoft Edge.

Alternative, type edge://settings/help in the address bar.

This shows the version number of the Edge browser installed on your PC/Mac. Take note of it.

The trick here is that we’re checking to see if Microsoft Edge is up to date, knowing that the browser itself may not know if it’s up to date. We need to use some reference information and those lovely people at provide it. This link will direct you to a page which lists the version number of the latest release of Microsoft Edge. Cross-reference this information with the one on your PC. If you have a match, you’re golden.

However, if they don’t match, then Microsoft Edge may need a nudge in the right direction. There’s countless ways to troubleshoot it, but the easiest method is to download the Edge setup tool. Then close Edge completely before running the tool. It will squirrel away and install the latest version.

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