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How can I boost Sky Wi-Fi signals?

Extend Sky Wi-Fi signal
If you're a Sky customer, better Wi-Fi is just a phone call away

If you live in a huge Dickensian mansion, enjoy working on your laptop in the garden or just have thick walls, you’ll be no stranger to weak Wi-Fi. However, if you’re signed up to the UK’s second biggest broadband provider, I have good news: there’s an easy way to boost Sky Wi-Fi coverage.

Sky offers Wireless Boosters to help you extend the coverage around your home. However, while these used be to freely available (you can still buy them from Amazon), the company is now quite secretive about the whole process. After digging around the website for ten minutes, I resorted to the live chat option. After a lengthy conversation, an advisor told me that the boosters can only be sorted out over the phone. It’s the tech equivalent of asking a wartime spiv if they’ve got any nylon.

To see if you can nab a Wireless Booster, call 0333 759 3820 and follow our guide to navigating Sky’s helpline. Explain that the signal is weak in certain areas of your home and that you’ve heard about the Wireless Boosters for the standard Sky Hub and Sky Q Hub. We’ve heard tales around the campfire about customers receiving devices for free, so it’s worth reading our tips for cutting your Sky bill.

Extend Sky Wi-Fi signal
The standard Sky Wireless Booster

If you’re successful, simply follow the setup instructions to boost your Wi-Fi. The process can be a little tricky as it involves pressing the WPS button multiple times, but a consistent signal is worth the hassle. Sky has put together a very useful troubleshooting guide if you’re unsure about anything.

Don’t want to buy a Wireless Booster? Fear not, there are other steps you can take to boost Sky Wi-Fi signals, ranging from no-brainers such as avoiding brick walls to more esoteric steps like avoiding fish tanks. Luckily, someone has written an engaging, informative and hilarious article about it

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