What does a red light on the Virgin Media Hub 4 mean?

Virgin Media Hub 4
Hub hell: find out what that red light means

If you’re having a problem with your Virgin Media broadband connection, you might well see a red light on the Virgin Media Hub 4. But what is that light trying to tell you? We’ve got the answer.

Red light on a Virgin Media Hub 4

The red light indicates that there’s no connection to Virgin’s network. Note: the red light on the Virgin Media Hub 4 has a different meaning to the one on the Hub 3, where it indicated that the router was overheating.

You may see this light if you’ve recently installed a Virgin Media Hub 4 and are waiting for your service to be activated. If you’ve had the Hub 4 for a while, it’s a sign something’s gone wrong.

Here are a few things you can try to resolve the red light problem on a Virgin Media Hub 4:

Check all the cables are firmly in the router – cats are notorious for knocking the cables out of the back of routers, for instance. Make sure all your cables are firmly seated in the router, especially the (normally white) coaxial cable with the screw-in connector.

Check the Hub has been activated on your account – if you’ve just received the Hub 4, make sure Virgin Media has activated the device. That will involve a call to the support team. Sorry.

Turn the router on and off again – yes, it’s the stereotypical support answer, but flicking the power switch on the back of the router or even pulling the plug might well resolve a temporary glitch.

Fully reset the Hub 4 – we suggest you don’t do this until you’ve spoken with Virgin Media support, but fully resetting the router might also get you out of this hole. You should find a pinhole reset button on the rear of the router. Note, this will put the router right back to how you first received it, so you will need to access the router settings and set up Wi-Fi names and passwords again. All of your devices will need to be reconnected to the router, unless you were using the default Wi-Fi network name and password (not advised).

If your router is displaying a different coloured light and you’re not sure what it means, this article may help.

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